Nagaya (NGY) is a Gold-backed cryptocurrency with its subsidiary projects
such as Minerals Ore Processing Facility, Minerals Ore Mining Facilities, 
Properties, Digital Entertainment, etc which will support the increment on its Gold Reserve.

Nagaya (NGY) is developed by Nagaya Technologies Pte Ltd, a Singapore based company.
Unique Entity Number (UEN): 201819783N.

Usage of Nagaya (NGY)

Nagaya (NGY) will be available to trade in internal and external marketplace. Trade or exchange your NGY with other cryptocurrency or fiat money.

By using Nagaya-QT Wallet, you will be able to transfer Peer-to-Peer and create secured and anonymous transaction worldwide.

With increasing amount of Gold Reserves, increasing in trust and its value, Nagaya will gain confident from the market to be use as Method of Payment.

Keep your Nagaya (NGY) as your cryptoassets backed by 999.9 Gold that you can claim anytime by returning your Nagaya (NGY) to company burn address.

Nagaya (NGY) is backed by 999.9 gold, stored in a safe place and regularly audited. Holder of Nagaya (NGY) can use it as collateral to get up to 50% of its backed-up value in cash.

Return your Nagaya (NGY) to company burn address, and you will be able to claim the amount of 999.9 Gold backing up your returned Nagaya (NGY).


All Nagaya (NGY) sold and distributed, will be initially backed up by 999.9 Gold cast bars from LBMA-approved refiners.
This means that each Nagaya (NGY) represents the ownership of certain amount
of gold stored in the safety deposit boxes of Nagaya (NGY).


Nagaya (NGY) Gold Reserves will be keep secured in Class II Safe Deposit Boxes in The Safe House SG facility in Singapore.

The Safe House is ISO 9001 certified, 800 sq feet, state of the art vault which can hold over 600 metric tons of silver and 30 tons of gold and platinum.

Different than other storage facility, TSH required that all the bullion deposited or transferred by clients is tested for authenticity. The first and more important issue for all of TSH clients is making sure that the client’s bullion is genuine


Independent audits on Nagaya (NGY) Gold Reserves will be held regularly on Quarterly and Annually basis. Quarterly Audits will be performed on a statistically significant random samples of Deposit Boxes. Most comprehensive audit will be performed at the end of each year.

All inventory and audits report will be published online, available and accessible for public to see on this website, once we start storing Nagaya (NGY) gold reserve in TSH.


The amount of gold stored in each deposit box and the new seal issued will be recorded in parcel list and validated by Nagaya Representative, TSH Staffs, Security Personnel of TSH.

Nagaya gold reserve stored in TSH is 100% insured. The insurance protects the gold not only from Fire, Building Collapse, Theft as well as Terrorism Sabotage, but also includes: Full Infidelity Coverage and Full Mysterious Disappearance Coverage.

All deposit boxes are sealed with uniquely numbered, tamper evident metal seals. The seals are issued by TSH, uniquely numbered and one-time usage, so a new seal must be issued every time the deposit box is open/relocked.


Some part of Nagaya (NGY) PCO Funds will be allocated to fund some prospective projects.
Part of the monthly net profit of each project received by Nagaya Technologies Pte Ltd will be converted into Gold
and stored as Nagaya (NGY) Gold Reserves, thus increasae the amount of Gold Reserves of Nagaya (NGY).


Located in Southeast of Sulawesi, one of Nagaya Technologies Pte Ltd subsidiary company will run the production of 30,000 tones/month Nickel ore mining site.

The estimate Nickel ore deposits in the area is around 3,000,000 tones or valued around US$ 72,000,000 in current market price. Estimate funds needed to start this Nickel production is around US$ 2,000,000.

More projects will come, along with the increase in the amount of funds available for projects and operations, originating from Nagaya (NGY) PCO. Nagaya (NGY) plan is to have new prospective projects every year.


Minerals Ore Processing Plant located in Palu, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia. The Plant can processed multiple types of minerals ore, mainly Gold and Copper.

The Plant initial capacity is 100-200 tones of raw material per day or 36,500 – 75,000 tones of raw material per year. The fund will be used for equipment rejuvenation, addition of production equipment and increasing plant capacity.

The capacity will be increased gradually to reach 600 tones of raw material per day. Estimated funds needed to operate and upgrade the plant is around US$ 6,000,000.


We strive to make all things transparent in Nagaya (NGY). This means emphasizing transparency in every management of our subsidized company or project.

Financial reports of each projects will be submited regularly on this website and will be audited by independent auditor at the end of the financial year.

All financial and audit reports will be published online, available and accessible for public to see on this website, once the project run and in operational.



From Total Supply of 50,000,000 NGY, Nagaya Technologies Pte Ltd will offer 45,000,000 NGY to public in 6 stages:

  • Stage 1 : 5,000,000 NGY @ US$ 1.00
  • Stage 2 : 6,000,000 NGY @ US$ 1.20
  • Stage 3 : 7,000,000 NGY @ US$ 1.40
  • Stage 4 : 8,000,000 NGY @ US$ 1.60
  • Stage 5 : 9,000,000 NGY @ US$ 1.80
  • Stage 6 : 10,000,000 NGY @ US$ 2.00

You can purchase Nagaya (NGY) starting from 1 NGY.
Once you purchased minimum of 25 NGY, you are eligible for Nagaya Referral Bonus on your referred Nagaya (NGY) purchased.

PCO FUNDS DISTRIBUTION The PCO Funds will be distribute mostly on purchasing 999.9 Gold as initial Nagaya (NGY) Gold Reserves.
Second largest distribution will be on Nagaya (NGY) subsidiary Projects and Business units.

Nagaya (NGY) Details

Symbol : NGY
Timestamping : Proof-of-Work
Hash Function : Scrypt
Block Time : 150 seconds
Total Supply : 50,000,000 NGY



PCO Amount : 45,000,000 NGY
Expected PCO Funds : US$ 71,000,000


Gold Reserves : US$ 30,930,000
Projects & Ops : US$ 25,000,000
Referral Program : US$ 8,875,000
System Development : US$ 3,415,000
Maintenance : US$ 2,780,000


QT Wallet is the software you use to send, receive and store Nagaya (NGY). 
It’s simple to use and you can send Nagaya (NGY) anonymously from your wallet.


All purchased Nagaya (NGY) can be stored in your personal QT Wallet thus guaranteeing your ownership of Nagaya (NGY).

All Nagaya (NGY) stored in private QT Wallet is completely under the control of the QT Wallet owner.

  • Peer-to-Peer Transfer
  • High Anonimity
  • Multiple Addresses
  • Decentralized Network

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